It is time for us to go one step further. That’s why we are developing innovations that make a difference to our sustainable products.
With Texapore Ecosphere, we are offering the first 100% recycled membrane! It is manufactured from remnants which result from the production process.
How much of a difference will we make this summer? In winter, we gave millions of PET bottles a new lease of life.
Light as a feather without using feathers? Of course! We fill our Microguard Ecosphere products with recycled synthetic fibres.
Now here’s something to be proud of: 70 of our products are already made of up to 100% recycled materials*
* applies to outer fabric, membrane, insulation materials and lining. This excludes natural materials such as cotton and accessory components like zips.

We consider the topic of sustainability to be a matter of course. That’s why we are continually striving to reduce the negative impact on mankind and the environment when developing new products and technologies.

Daniele Grasso
Director Apparel
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PET bottles
Shredded material/ granulate
The remnants are processed into fibres, which are then used to manufacture the material.
Production scraps
Shredded material/ granulate
Granulate is manufactured into membrane