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Real Tunnel

REAL TUNNEL (RT) is our patented, multiple award-winning technology for tunnel tents. Real Tunnel tents score points on wind stability and use of space. Because of the high level of basic tension, guylines are only necessary in exceptional circumstances

The poles are steeper on the sides and flatter on the roof than they are for a standard tunnel tent, which creates more usable space in the interior. In addition, the individual parts of the COMBINATION POLES have different diameters, making the tent sturdier at the sides and more flexible at the roof. Triangular guying points at the foot of the pole optimise the level of basic stability.
In the vestibules, CORNER EDGES (short, vertical poles in the tent corners) increase the amount of usable space. The corners are where the 30 cm integrated poles hold the tent walls at a vertical angle in the corners. This means that all corners of the tent are useable.

An overview of the benefits:

1. Wind stability: Tests in a wind tunnel have shown REAL TUNNEL tents to have higher side wind stability Even a wind speed of 80 km/h only bends them slightly.

2. Use of space: thanks to the exaggerated curvature of the frame and the CORNER EDGES, all of the floor space can be used.

3. No need for guylines: because of the high level of basic tension, guylines are only necessary in exceptional circumstances. The tent’s footprint is therefore smaller and saves space.

"Real Tunnel"

[1.] Compare: classic tunnel construction with the same surface area

[2.] More room in the vestibule thanks to CORNER EDGES